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Canadian garburators, in United States food waste disposer and garbage disposal. An electrically-operated device mounted under a kitchen sink, fitted to the waste pipe (of a kitchen sink) used to reduce waste matter by grinding with turntable assembly (metal circle part with two-cutters).
This appliances, garburator, food waste disposer and garbage disposal must be grounded to reduce the risk of electric shock. You can check with your multi-meter. Please call Rooter King for more information Tel. (780)-456-8060 or (780)-604-6878

Aircondition installation and repair


When you experience problems with your air conditioner unit, don’t get hot under the collar, call Sears. Our team of heating and air conditioning contractors can provide qualified service on almost any make and style of window air conditioning units or central air conditioning units.

We offer a broad range of air conditioning services; from scheduled duct cleaning and air filter replacements, to more complicated repair services such as the replacement of a faulty air conditioner compressor. We also offer trouble-free installation and removal of all makes of portable air conditioner units, so you don’t have to fret. We stock a range of quality air conditioning parts, air conditioning filters and accessories.
Sears Product Repair Services – (780)-604-6878 and (780)-456-8060
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Our heating and air conditioning contractors are trained to troubleshoot problems, identify the air conditioning repair problem and provide you with an accurate quote that includes high-quality parts and unparalleled technical expertise.

Canadians count on Sears for quality air conditioner service. We believe in treating our customers with the highest degree of integrity. You have our assurance that air conditioner repair job you entrust to us is backed by our Sears Satisfaction Guarantee.

Call, click or visit Sears today, and arrange for an in-home service call with one of our technicians and get your household back to comfortable temperatures.

fireplace installation and repair



ROOTER KING, Inc. is a locally owned and operated professional gas stove and gas fireplace installation and repair company. We specialize in gas fireplace installations and repair including:

Gas Stove installation and repair
Gas piping installation and repair
Tankless water heater installation (gas)
Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit (Gas) Installation and Repair
All phases of gas fireplace installation and construction
Custom mantles and fireplace cabinets

We look forward to working with you and ensure complete satisfaction.

furnace installation and repair



Furnace Maintenance. As with all HVAC systems, at some point furnace repairs will be necessary. To help extend the life of your furnace be sure to provide regular maintenance. For example, air filtration is critical to effective heating, so you should make sure to change or clean your furnace filters often and have your furnace professionally serviced before every heating season.

Contact your local Rooter heating and air conditioning specialist for your furnace repair and maintenance needs or to find out what type of furnace best fits your home.

All models of heating and cooling installation & repair



Choosing a new heating system can be a stressful and confusing time. All Weather Heating and Cooling is here to make the process as easy and worry free as possible. We are locally owned and operated and are a trusted source in the Denver, Co and Boulder, CO Greater Metro

We use a special process to determine the right furnace or heating unit for your specific need. Our process will provide you with the correct heating system that will deliver maximum comfort and efficiency at the most economical rate for you and your family.

Heating And Coolong Services



At Heating and Cooling Services we are committed to providing our customers with a high quality professional service experience. We are a professional HVAC service provider with low overhead, This means we are able to offer you the same great services and products as the much larger outfits at much better prices.

Leaky Basement Repair



If your water bill is suddenly higher than normal or you hear a hissing noise in the walls near the plumbing, you might be experiencing an underground water leak. Our trained professional plumbing exerts can help 24 hours a day, seven days a week with our state-of-the-art ultrasonic leak detection technology.

Showers & Tub



From repairs to new installations, when you need a fast response for your shower or tub issues in Edmonton, rely on the on-time, professional service you receive when you choose Rooter King Drainage & Mechanical. With quality workmanship and first class customer service, we’ve been the trusted choice in thousands of other local New Orleans homes for their service needs for over 17 years.



Whether you’re having a problem somewhere deep inside your piping system, you’re thinking about remodeling, or you simply want to add an extra faucet, the first step is knowing the exact location of the pipes in your home or business. That can seem a daunting task, considering the maze of pipes located beneath the floors and inside the walls, but Rooter King is here to help. This service is useful to even locate your lost articles like your Rings and keys accidentally flushed down through your sink or other flush systems.

Kitchen & Laundry Drain



Kitchen & laundry drains are the most troublesome because of all the different types of food, soap, grease, and waste being put down the drain in your kitchen. Garbage disposals help but over time all drains will run more slowly and become clogged. We have just the right equipment and experienced plumbers in Edmonton for your drain problems.

Power Flushing



Rooter King Drainage & Mechanical are a dedicated team of heating engineers, flushing central heating systems to restore heat and hot water to both commercial and domestic systems. Our engineers all have over 10 years experience flushing all types of heating systems and work to an incredibly high standard. Every engineer is fully insured.

Our friendly, experienced engineers will quickly diagnose the problems that can occur as a result of poorly maintained, aging boilers and blocked radiators. They can offer invaluable advice regarding repairs and replacements that might be needed during the power flush and carry a range of replacement valves and components should you need it.

Tree Root Cutting



Clogged or blocked drains can be caused by tree roots encroaching on drainage pipes. Tree roots can also damage septic tanks and drain fields. Wastewater seepage is rich in plant nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen that are magnets to roots of trees and shrubs. Clogged drain pipes, leaking or cracked septic tanks and damaged drain fields can cause damage to property, and considerable repair cost.

Toilet Overflowing



Toilet overflow is a very annoying problem that can be considered a plumbing emergency. Whenever the water is trapped with no place to go, eventually it travels back up into your home plumbing sooner or later. If you inherit a toilet overflow it is not wise to use the plumbing until blockage is cleared. Should the toilet water reach a certain level, it best not to flush the toilet again this may only refill the toilet that make matters worse. Turning off the water valve located behind the toilet should shut off the water supply. If the toilet overflow is not removed after trying to revive it with a plunger it may be time to contact a professional plumber.

Rooter King Drainage & Mechanical gives excellent service for those common household toilet overflow or clogged drain problems. Years of experience dealing with all sorts of pipe leaks, clogged drains and water overflow allow us to share our knowledgeable experience with you. Along with our on time service you get a courteous and dependable team that respects the environment in your home. Our honest reputation speaks volumes over the years of service.

Clogged Drain



Got a clogged drain? Backed-up sink, tub or toilet? As anyone who has ever had a clogged drain can tell you, it can bring your home or business to complete standstill in no time. If your drain is clogged, don’t panic. Rooter King Drainage & Mechanical will unclog it and get you back in the flow in no time!

Rooter King Drainage & Mechanical is full-service plumbing and drain cleaning company serving homeowners and businesses Edmonton, AB Canada. We have the know-how, the equipment and the experts to take on any clogged drain — anywhere, any time. There are lots of possible causes for a clogged drain: food, waste, garbage, hair, paper products, even children’s toys and diapers. From rooter services to high-power jetting to snaking and augering…we have every tool and technique at our disposal to tackle the most stubbornly clogged drain and remove any obstruction.

Sump Pumps



If you need sump pump services in Edmonton, the experts with Rooter King are ready to help. You can be assured that your job will be done right the first time, because we have years of experience and are very familiar with all makes and models.

Hot Water Tank Replacement



If your tank is no longer heating like it used to, or worse yet, leaking, then it’s time for a change. Changing out the tank before it bursts can save you both money, and potential damage to your home. If your home has suffered some water damage, we can help you with that too through a collaboration with a local restoration company, further saving you money.

Our specialty is domestic hot water heating. We’ve installed a lot of water heaters! We do install tankless and hybrid hot water heating systems, but in knowing how these systems work, in our opinion, it’s pretty tough to beat out the trusty hot water storage tank! It just makes economic and ecological sense. An upper end residential high efficiency heater (especially gas condenser and electric heat pump units) can meet or beat a tankless system both in practical usage AND energy efficiency.

Plumbing Services



Every customer’s individual needs are important to us at Rooter King Drainage Plumbing & Mechanical. Our focus of providing quality plumbing service and products combined with honesty has made our plumbers the first choice of many residential and commercial clients. You can count on a Rooter King plumber to take care of your plumbing and drainage needs-day or night with never an overtime charge.

We, at Rooter King, understand the importance of urgent attention to the plumbing problems that our commercial & industrial customers might have. We also understand the impact that delays can have on their business. Delays can be disruptive and often costly which is why we aim to have the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Sewer-Drain Service



If you fail to address a problem you think you might have with your sewer line, it could result in a more significant problem. If you think that you need sewer repairs or sewer cleaning then you should contact Rooter King Drainage Plumbing & Mechanical before it’s too late.

If you put off or avoid sewer cleaning services, it can lead to leaks in your plumbing system. Many household leaks, if not caught and fixed quickly, can lead to serious damage inside your home. Leaking water and pipes will cause mold growth and significantly damage the surrounding structure among many other things. Our experienced plumbers and a drain cleaning services are best suited to handle any pipe leakage, most times the water will need to be shut off immediately and new plumbing will also need to be installed.