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Toilet Overflowing



Toilet overflow is a very annoying problem that can be considered a plumbing emergency. Whenever the water is trapped with no place to go, eventually it travels back up into your home plumbing sooner or later. If you inherit a toilet overflow it is not wise to use the plumbing until blockage is cleared. Should the toilet water reach a certain level, it best not to flush the toilet again this may only refill the toilet that make matters worse. Turning off the water valve located behind the toilet should shut off the water supply. If the toilet overflow is not removed after trying to revive it with a plunger it may be time to contact a professional plumber.

Rooter King Drainage & Mechanical gives excellent service for those common household toilet overflow or clogged drain problems. Years of experience dealing with all sorts of pipe leaks, clogged drains and water overflow allow us to share our knowledgeable experience with you. Along with our on time service you get a courteous and dependable team that respects the environment in your home. Our honest reputation speaks volumes over the years of service.